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Flow-based programming runtime for microcontrollers (Arduino)

Implementation of Flow-based programming for microcontrollers and embedded devices. MicroFlo supports multiple targets, including Arduino, Atmel AVR, ARM Cortex M devices (mbed, TI Tiva/Stellaris), ESP8266 and Embedded Linux.

Unlike most other visually programmable systems, MicroFlo programs runs standalone, does not make use of code generation, can be introspected and reconfigured at runtime, and supports automated testing.

One can program with MicroFlo either:

MicroFlo is designed to integrate with other FBP runtimes, like NoFlo and msgflo


Monday Oct 5, 2015 MQTT hackathon at c-base, Berlin


Minimally useful. Simple programs work, most I/O on standard Arduino devices is supported, some 50 components for various tasks exists. Minimal support for automated testing.

Suitable for those curious to play with alternative microcontroller programming models. Probably a bit early to use it for general tasks.

MicroFlo in the wild:


Use the Google Group Flow Based Programming or IRC channel Alternatively, file issues on Github.


Get Started: MicroFlo for Arduino MicroFlo for Embedded Linux